Our Services

With the primary intention of helping to inform our clients’ career decisions, the Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic provides a package of 4 to 5 50-minute career counseling sessions with a focus on the assessment of work interests, personality characteristics, work values, and abilities.

Depending on individual needs and goals, our counselors work collaboratively with clients to better understand:

  • their work-related likes and dislikes
  • their personality characteristics that influence work-related comfort, satisfaction, and success
  • the importance of various work environment characteristics to the their job satisfaction
  • their work-related abilities
  • suitable occupational areas to further explore
  • sources of information about work environments
  • resources and challenges in their career decision-making
  • helpful next steps in their decision making

Clients are given user-friendly reports describing the results from each of the tests. In addition, clients receive a comprehensive written report that summarizes the assessment and counseling process and highlights the counselor’s recommendations.  The Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic uses sophisticated and well-researched assessment instruments that include the Strong Interest Inventory, California Psychological Inventory, Minnesota Importance Questionnaire, Minnesota Ability Test Battery, and the Minnesota Ability Estimation Questionnaire.

We are NOT a placement service that can help clients find specific job openings; however, our counselors are able to help clients find resources that can assist them with resume writing, interviewing, and locating job openings.

Forms for New Clients

Please print out and bring completed the Biographical Information Form & the Client Registration forms to your first appointment.

Please Note: There is currently a one-year wait-list for services